Prague Pride 2014 support gays and lesbians from the East

Prague Pride 2014 support gays and lesbians from the East

Prague, June 18, 2014-The differences between the East and the West focuses 4th annual festival Prague Pride gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender themes which will be held from 11 to 17 August in Prague.

Although the Czech Republic has in comparison of Western Europe on the issue of LGBT rights yet to catch up, after all it is the most tolerant country of the former socialist bloc. Therefore, the organizers decided to Prague Pride exchanged within this theme to encourage gays and lesbians to the east of the Czech Republic, who are still subject to persecution by the state and extremist elements of society.
“To the east of us, people like festivals such as Prague Pride have not. Parades in Moscow are gays and lesbians banned until 2112, in the neighboring states of participants risking attack police or bare skulls, “said Chairman Prague Pride Czeslaw Walek. Therefore, this Prague Pride Parade will be able to remotely attend all gays and lesbians who are not in their own countries to freely express.

As such link arises?

Gays and lesbians from the East will be able to participate via a secure web page you register and create your own account. Running the site is planned for the beginning of July. In a secure area for yourselves users select a person who will parade in Prague physically participate. These “living Avatar” will be a procession to Prague via a simple mobile application to send messages, photos and short videos to their eastern counterparts. Participants from Russia and other intolerant countries will be able to respond through secure Web, send messages, receive photos of places, people, atmosphere … simply to see Prague Pride eyes of their avatars. “Communication on the website is of course well secured and does not require any personal information to ensure the safety of our eastern participants,” said Czeslaw Walek. Those who do not wish to enter into interaction with a specific Avatar, the public can watch the content on the site.
The main theme Prague Pride 2014 is also reflected in the festival’s visual style political posters from the 50s. His cheeks lent chairman Prague Pride and his partner Willem van der Bas, who married in May in the Netherlands, which provides equal rights marital unions of people of the same or different sex. In the second plan festival poster is therefore a hidden story Czeslaw Willem, who is a great example of communication between the West and the East.
Campaign for Prague Pride creative team has prepared an advertising agency Global Geometry under the direction of Will Rust. The digital part of the campaign by an agency Adikt Mobile.

Prague Pride 2014 will again be a week full of cultural and social events, debates and activities in the village festival, which this year anchored on the Vltava River in Containallu. The festival program will be published in July on